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      I am relatively new to Videography but I want to pursue a career in this area so I am seriously considering taking Sheffieilds Videoworks Program. I would appreciate any pros or cons about Sheffield Institute before I plunk down thousands of dollars. πŸ˜•

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      Some considerations off the top of my head:

      Would be useful to find out their reputation/track record in the video field within the video/TV industry. Consider calling up or showing up at Baltimore TV stations to ask TV pros about Sheffield in the video field, as opposed to audio engineering. If you bump into some video emphasis graduates, that would be a good sign!

      It appears that the predominant expertise of Sheffield is in the audio recording field, not video. Their website gives backgrounds of 10 faculty members. Only one out of ten has obvious credentials in video. (I may have missed one in a quick look, but that is the overwhelming pattern.)

      The website indicates they are certified by State of Maryland, an important plus.

      To pursue a video career, for example, with the AV department of a corporation, or with a company that just does AV, or with a TV station, TV network, government agency etc., it is very useful, if not essential, to have a degree or completion certificate from a certified video educational institution (or to have tons of professional experience). Graduation from a program like Sheffields might make you a choice candidate for an entry level or intern position with a network, Fed Govt Agency, etc. (Have been a Human Resources go-to person for Fed Govt.)

      Per their website, the equipment/technology used in Sheffields program looks like broadcast level, beyond prosumer/industrial. It would be helpful if you had background already as a serious prosumer shooter/editor, for getting the most out of their program.

      These days, there are schools, museums, institutes all over the place teaching video programs. Highly recommend that you evaluate at least a few others before plunking down your money for any program. In DC, there are strong programs at American U (degree program, not cheap) and the Corcoran. Baltimore/UMD may have alternatives to consider. NYC is not that far away and arguably the center of the universe for these kinds of programs.

      Good Luck!

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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