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      Angel here, and I’m currently studying at IAFT…please share your opinions,how similar or different is Adobe Premier to Apple’s Final Cut Pro? For aspiring editors who only have PCs with Premier installed, can they apply this knowledge with Final cut in a Mac? Thanks!

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      I used to only use Premiere, but when I bought my iMac I also purchased Final Cut. Because I had worked with Premiere, I was able to get into Final Cut with a fairly minimal learning curve. Even then, most of my actual learning was less Final Cut and more the Mac’s OSX, which I was totally unfamiliar with at the time. I’ve found I actually prefer Final Cut more, and I know more about it than I ever knew Premiere. Still I chalk the smooth transition up to my previous experience with Premiere.

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      Much of the same. I know Premiere well, and just this year had to switch to iMac and Final Cut for class. Because I understood Premiere, Final Cut was much easier to understand. My only difficulties were working with OSX and learning Final Cut’s shortcuts.

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