Severum Productions Video Show Case **FINAL HD**

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      I made a video show case showing off both my editing skills and multiple games I play. All of the footage used in this video is edited, none of it is raw, whether its lighting or full spectrum of effects they are all edited. The following is some information on this video.

      Games Used:
      World In Conflict
      Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
      Lock On Flaming Cliffs
      Battlefield 2
      IL-2 Sturmovik 1946
      Flight Simulator X
      Killing Floor

      Video Editing Programs Used:
      Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
      Particle Illusion 3

      Video Information:

      Total Time Edited: 9 Hours Rounded Up.

      Total Render Time: 1.5 Hours

      Render Stats:
      5 Mbps HD 720-25p
      VRQ Best
      FPS 60.00
      Audio 192 Kbps
      48,000 Hz

      Song: Brand X – Inevitable

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