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      Hi again to all

      I have always been the type to just turn on my camera, shoot film, capture and edit in vegas then burn using DVD architect.

      The settings were set by a friend along time ago, I never knew what the settings meant, I just went through the above procedure to get a DVD. My end result has always been good in the respect of creative editing, but there have been some areas of the DVD that I have not been happy with. Mainly jagged lines, I think they are called motion artifacts when I slow a clip right down as far as I can, of what was originally a fast moving object.

      I was going to ask how to elimnate these jagged lines, but thought I better start at the beginning and try and understand the settings in Vegas and maybe my camera. I have a Panasonc NV GS250 3 ccd camera, and have just started using a 2x zoom lense. The camera manual says under video:

      Recording System: Digital Component

      TV System: CCIR 625 lines, 50 fields PAL Colour Signal

      When I set the project settings in Sony Vegas 7 I always choose DVD PAL

      Is the correct setting for the camera and Vegas?

      The footage, after render and burning to disc looks almost like the original footage, very clear and crisp when viewing the footage at normal speed, but when it comes to a section that I have slowed right down, I am getting all of these jagged lines.

      Any help on explaining the settings and eliminating the lines is much appreciated

      thank you


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      DV is typically interlaced…try deinterlacing those problem spots. Going to DVD from DV, some start their whole project by deinterlacing their captures then importing them to their editor. Theories differ saying the TV should handle the interlacing…but what to do? You could also try searching for a SVP tutorial for smooth slow motion…

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