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      Hi I have made a dvd compilation using Encore, I’ve set the Main Menu to First Play , but on VLC player and some other DVD players the main menu is not the first play, on pressing the title menu button on remote it opens some other Menu which is the submenu , can anyone tell me whats wrong also

      I am choosing it to have all regions in Encore but when i burn(using PowerISO) the folder that i get from Encore ,

      I get error in all media players that your DVD is not set to be played in this region .. I do not understand what is causing this problem since i have all regions selected. please help

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      What happens in Preview mode? If it doesn’t work there it Never works on a DVD. However, sometimes if it does work there it sometimes doesn’t work on a DVD.

      No doubt your project is creating mixed messages for DVD players. I too have had VLC player not ply my first play video that was to lead to the main menu.

      I have a little post it in my ENCORE book which I refer to in times of need. I have also posted previously regarding ENCORE. ENCORE does an amazing amount routing by itself, w/o user settings, and I have found that my fiddling with menu, timeline and chapter outcomes (links and overrides) has generally been the culprit. So, go back and make chapter links=not set, button override=not set, timeline menu remote=return to last menu and timeline override=not set.

      then try the preview mode. If it all works as it should, be happy! if not, you may want to start a new project from blank and assess as you go along.

      My POST-I says…

      1. Do NOT use ‘Override’ anywhere.

      2. Do NOT use Timeline ‘Link’ or ‘Override.’

Viewing 1 reply thread
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