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      I have been volunteering
      as videographer for different local events like: Dancefestival, schoolsinging performance, singing contest and stage drama.
      I have never thoughtof setting up a studio or register a business name for this
      However, a recentinvitation from a local school, to produce a more professional
      looking video fortheir joint school contest really got me thinking. The school
      board officiallyinvited me to produce the video and asked me if I have a
      Business name to bepublished on their event program book. They said they would like to have meas a sponsor forupcoming video productions for their school events.
      I really want tomake some money from my hobby now.

      Is there anyeasiest or simplest method to register for a video production
      Is there anything Ihave to concern for legal matter?
      Do I have to buyseparate insurance for different events?

      Thank you.

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      I, and others likely, will share more but I DO want to point out to you from personal experience, Lawrence, that when school boards get involved in the process to the extent you’ve noted and the word “SPONSOR” comes up, they’re wanting you to invest your time and money in them, not the other way around. And I’ve NEVER picked up one, single, solitary gig from being in their programs … paid or not. Never mentioned: “Hey! Saw your wonderful ad in the program. Cool!”. Never paid off.

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      Along this same line – I’m looking to start a “My Biography” Video business for the senior citizens in my community to tell their life story, and was wondering what type of contract do I need? Does anyone have a sample contract they have customers sign that you wouldn’t mind sharing? Something that could be modified for my video business…


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       Lawrence, EarlC is a great source of info and experience about the business of video, along with others that you will see on this form. If you check out his web site you will find a good source of info especially for us new in the business types. From my own experience in starting out in business, in my state I applied to our state govenment for a ‘fictitious name’. A small fee was involved and they let me know if the ‘fictitious name’ I chose was unique. Every five or so years I must renew. I hope this info helps with some your concerns about starting out. Keep shooting.

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      Lawrence, I too posted here when I first broke out. But yes, a business is really easy to get going. As example, in our state of Tennessee, you can goto the the state site and register, but the state prefers that the business be set up via the county office (in our case where we get our tags for our cars) we pay a yearly fee of $20.00. After that is done it takes about 2-3 days for the state to pick it up then if you need a sales and reuse number the state sends the app. Nothing more to it. And yes renew every year.

      Here if you do it via state first they seem to always forget to tell the county.I do agree with EarlC on the school project, consider, schools DEPEND on tax dollars, every dollar is accounted for, they will praise you to get extra help. If you do it at cost and DO NOT give them the rights, but only allow them to use the footage, then you can use it for advertising, but try to NEVER sale or give the rights to your work away. Everything you produce can make you money, even if you do not get paid to produce it. I recently shot an advert for a company that is going to release it into theaters to play before the movie starts. I did the advert just above cost, because I will gain a great deal more with this is released then I ever could if I had lost it because of high fees.

      The school project, you may what to consider it a “retain rights” job to use for advertising. But EVERY single person needs to sign a release!!!

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      In Illinois i had to register my business name (doing business as) with the county, a one time registration. I also needed a business license for the city I live in which is an annual fee. This is required even if you are operating out of your home. I got a small business insurance policy from the same place I have my home owners state farm. As part of that I got an equipment coverage piece for anything that may be lost, damaged or stolen while on location shooting. Big thing is the liability coverage in case you would damage someoneelse sproperty while you are shooting.

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