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      Hi guys,

      I am new to this camera lark and have just bought a Canon XL1s.

      I want to know what sort of services it will need and how often and what sorts of things will go on it an need replacing.

      When i was looking round at cams, i noticed on E-bay lots of people had printouts that told you how many hours the cam had been used for, and said things like "The camera has new drums which have only had 100 hours of use…."

      I have been told to get a tape rewinder, so i dont have to stress the camera, but wondered if there was a tape dec that would actually download the files to the PC instead of using the cam?

      Any other info on this subject would be very much appreciated, such as costs involved in services and parts that may need replacing etc.

      Ps. I am in the UK, so use sterling where possible.



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