Seriously folks!

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I bought Liquid Edition Pro 6 with an upgrade at just about the time it was being discontinued ( as it turns out ). It was a struggle for me to try to learn to navigate the beast, so I reasoned I would get my feet wet with the Pinnacle software and then make a transition to Liquid. Now, some years later, I'm getting the feeling that any further effort invested in Liquid would essentially be a waste of time; and perhaps I should be scoping out a more current, widely used NLE platform. What say you?

Rick Crampton

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At this time I say you cannot beat Adobe products.

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Disagree, I feel that Apple products are the best, except for After Effects...although not user friendly but more detail.

Adobe products in general are not user friendly.

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I went from Pinnacle to Adobe Premiere Pro and haven't looked back. I had trouble here and there, but there's a zillion free tutorials out there. Plus, I think learning any new software has its hassles (Quickbooks took me some time, but I like it now, for example.)

The interaction between Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro is key, though. I can't imagine doing anything elaborate without Photoshop and After Effects. You pretty much have to have them as you get deep into this stuff. For me, it doesn't make any sense to use an NLE other than Premiere Pro, since Premiere Pro can seamlessly import and recognize Photoshop and After Effects projects (not the finished, exported project, but the project files themselves) and I can move their layers around in PP, etc. It's great.

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I use Vegas/After Effects combo. Love the editing directly on timeline Vegas allows.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is hard to beat. However, with that said it really boils down to what you need to get your job done. For example, there is lots that can be down using a product like Corel Video Studio X4 and there are those that get by using it and actually making money with it however, if you are working on high end productions or have a format that cannot be read or converted (.mxf format) you need a higher end product like Adobe or Avid. For me, Adobe was more user friendly than what I found the Avid product to be.

Jeff Media Fish Productions

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"User Friendly" is pretty subjective. I find Adobe products very easy but don't take that negatively, French was easy for some in my class and I failed it. Different strokes for different folks. Personally I couldn't see myself being able to work without dynamically linking to other programs like I do. I catch a sound issue and in two clicks I'm in SB getting a sound profile. Need a great title, two clicks to PS and I'm a full fledged AE Junkie, I have it on speed dial. :-)

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Their interface is not known to be user friendly...many have complained...however that doesn't mean it's a bad program...I use after effects, and can understand why people get frustrated with it. but for editing, final cut is king. But they are both good programs, and no other can really compare...

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Or, alternatively, you could save yourself the extra money, and most of the 'user-hostile' aggro, and use Magix 'MEP17Plus', as I do. I transferred from Ulead's much lamented 'Media Studio 8 Pro' when that went, effectively, belly-up and the new owners, looking to choke it off and substitute their own product, refused to re-issue me with an activation-code after a computer software melt-down (which took me just beyond cutoff date, to have rectified by a serviceman). So, I happily use, either MEP17Plus, its professional equivalent or 'MS8P' which I managed to coax back to lifeby means of what is known as a little bit of 'lateral thinking'; but, I know whose products I won't be buying again, in the future.

Ian Smith - Dunedin, New Zealand.

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Personally, I have no idea how to tell if something is "user friendly". In my mind, if it doesn't crash, it's friendly.

But, I do know that platforms (MAC and Windows) and software suites are like religions, everybody loves theirs and greatly dislikes the others. Which is odd because, in the end, it is the finished product that counts, not the tools used to make it. I'm pretty sure that nobody asked Ernest Hemingway what brand of typewriter he used to write "The Old Man and the Sea".

My point is there is no value asking for advice on something like this. Since most software has free trials, try them all and pick the one you like best.

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I love Adobe, it was the first one I really tried anything on. I tried Final Cut, but after using Adobe, had trouble getting used to a different package. My friend lives by Final Cut, I think it just comes down to what you are comfortable with.

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Well its all about the finished product and how comfortable you were delivering the product.But as for myself i started with avid,then went to final cut studio, now I'm with adobe cs5 master collection. Adobe is better for suited for me,because post production plays a major part in my business. It is more flexible to any aspect of production.Bottom line is its all about what your comfortable with.

Anonymous (not verified)

Given that we shoot DSLR, only CS5 can handle editing 1080p native footages without conversion, so it saves us time.