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      Hello All,

      Something I ve pondered over. I learned to edit several versions back vers. 5.5 -PPro3 to make sequences..IE: intro, ceremony, reception, all on their own sequence and then I place all of these into the final sequence and wait hours for it to render? Why not just build my wedding in one sequence and render segments as I go? What advantage do all these sequences have? Thanks for any light on this..


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      I think you could go either way for the job you are describing. I’ve rendered both ways, S in S, and rendered sequences all in one sequence, and didn’t find any rendering time advantage.

      I use sequence in sequence for experimentation. Where I found sequences in sequences an advantage was when I was designing a screen layout with a bunch of different elements. One of the items was an image of a TV monitor and a ‘news clip’ playing on that monitor. In one sequence I placed my tv monitor.png, in front of the news reel. I placed that sequence in another sequence that had my newscasters (talking head) and scaled the tv sequence and moved it around until I was happy with the layout. I could have rendered the first sequence out, but I was just getting ideas about if, what I had in mind, would work.

      I’ve also used S in S for slide shows that appear in movies as effects in the background. Again it’s a design thing. I know I want some images changing in the background but I don’t know how long I want them there – so I make a slideshow Sequence and add it to my main sequence and trim the time of the slide sequence. It’s easy experimentation.

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