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      I’m fairly new to the video editing process. I am an independent recording artist and like to tape my live performances. Later my wife would like to take the live recording (audio & video) and make music videos with other clips insterted. How do I keep the audio feed from the original recording throughout after inserting other clips? Is there a way to separate the audio from the original recording. I am using Movie Maker. Does this program have this capability or is can this be done with the equipment (camera, etc.).


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      Im not familiar with Movie Maker – but at least with the other video editing programs I’ve used, you can lock either sound or video track, and then just delete the other one. But I’m not sure if this is possible with Movie Maker though…

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      Wow, the first question I can contribute an answer to (I think)…

      I’m also very new to video editing. Done two or three small projects, all with WMM. And one of the most bizarre missing features in WMM is being able to decouple your video from your audio. They don’t have it. Anyone used to a higher end video editor is used to doing this, I believe. (I have Ulead Video Studio and they have this feature.)

      (I would love to be corrected by anyone who knows otherwise.)

      One long-winded workaround you could do is get a free audio editor like GoldWave and open the WMV file and it will just get the audio and then you can save that.

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