SEO is good for the SOUL!

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      Some SEO is can be good for the soul, not to mention Google rankings and traffic to your new or revised, or soon to be revised website.

      A new article on SEO can be found at E.C. Come, E.C. Go. Maybe you already know about and do all this, maybe not. Couldn’t hurt to see if there’s something new lurking in that article that will spur you toward more SEO efforts.

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      Another great resources for SEO is from the horses mouth (Google)!

      A lot of common misconceptions about SEO though… My best advice for SEO (coming from a webmaster) is patience. Rome wasn’t built in 1 day, neither was 1st place (or even the first page) on Google achieved in 1 day.

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      I recently read an article about a new trend in SEO that deals with video content. Apparently, search engines (especially Google) favor original video content in search results. In theory, you could top the first page of your keyword’s search results if you had a video for it. A couple crucial tips that were mentioned:

      1. Cannot host video on YouTube. Self-hosting is preferred
      2. Absolutely must create video XML file and distribute to search engines

      I’m excited to try this mysel fin the near future. If anyone has any luck with it, would love to hear your experiences!

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      Thanks for sharing your article.I think now SEO is become the heart of any website to get traffic from search engines.

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      Thanks for the information. After working overseas for the past two years i am back in the states and have recently launched a new website for our business. This info on SEO is helpful.


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      In response to ace. I get nearly all of my rankings through video and article submissions. It’s so easy sometimes, I feel like it’s cheating. But I do submit to sites like YouTube.

      There are a lot of variables to make it work, but once you get going, it’s pretty easy to pump em out and dominate your keywords.

      For example, one of my main keywords is “make money shooting video”… I have the first, fifth, and ninth position, just from submitting 5 articles and 5 videos. It took a day to submit them, and another day to start ranking.

      Start playing around with it… it can be fun.

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      Another great siste on SEO tools is Good tools to help you rank faster.

      Scott Gifford Studios

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      I’ve just started the SEO process. I’m fully re-doing my site with a wordpress blog for continually updated content. Any practices that people have implemented that’s been really beneficial? Thanks.

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