“SENT” Audio will not co-operate with FCP

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      In FCP, Im trying to fix up some audio. Sent the clip to Soundtrack pro (STP) but STP says error “cannot open render.mov”

      any suggestions?

      I also tried opening the file directly – eg “open in editor”didn’t work

      also tried changing the extension to “.wav” which didn’t work either.

      I also posted this in STP forum – dont know which program is the culprit at this point.

      I was able to get it to open as a multitrack project, then changed that to an audio file, but after that, I can only save the file like an orphan – it will not update the section in FCP which means I would have to attempt to match the audio to the video – lypsync frame by frame which never works right.

      there must be a simpler way?

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      Are you doing: Right click the audio clip > Send To > Soundtrack Pro Audio File Project?

      If that is not working, go to Final Cut Pro > System Settings > External Editors tab and make sure the “Audio Files” section is set to a file path leading to Soundtrack Pro in your Applications Folder. Then try Right Clicking the audio clip > Send To > Soundtrack Pro Audio File Project OR Right Click > Open in Editor

      If it still doesn’t work, Go to STP and import your clip in there. Edit it and simple save the STP project file. Import that STP project file into FCP, drop it in your timeline, and if you need further editing simply Right Click > Open in Editor

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