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      I’ve been shooting with a Canon 5d Mk II now for some time and having used it in quite a number of situations, I’ve unfortunately got dust on the sensor. Over time I’ve found the best way to clean it involves Sensor Swabs, a head lamp, and a blower. I also tip the camera upside down so I am looking up into the sensor so that nothing will fall into it while cleaning it.

      Just wondering what other people have done, what they use, and or if anyone has had to send their DSLR into Canon for cleaning?

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      What you’re doing is probably the most effecient way to do it. I would be broke if I had to send my camera to Canon everytime I had a dirty sensor. It’s a good idea to do it annually but the sensor swabs are the best value and can save you a ton of time in post if you notice the dirt on a shoot. I always carry a few with me and one of those little ball blowers as well as a sensor brush.


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      You don’t have dust on the sensor.You’ve got dust on the lens. You can look for this thing called lens paper at Walmart or

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