sennheiserEW112-PG3 portable wireless system

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      I am thinking of getting this product for doing a backpacking around the world travel video diary .Has anyone used it and is it as easy as everyone says it is.

      Oh yeah and Im very new to this and will be using a kodak zi8 camera with it and am slightly worried about the cost of this mic ( is it really worth it ) if you know what I mean .

      Any advice from anyone who uses this sennheisser EW112-PG3 portable wireless system greatly appreciated


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      It depends on the professionality you want. You get what you pay for. In general, if you buy a $600 mic system, then you’ll get a $600 system.

      “…corosive weather conditions. EXCELLENT” –

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      I have this same wireless kit. The sound quality is excellent but I do not know abou thow well it would hold up outside so I cannot speak to that part of it. Batteries seem to last pretty well – I use lithium ion AA’s in mine. I buy a lot from BH too but i bought this on another site paired with a handheld Senneisser mic that workd with the same receiver at the same price – a free handheld I will take any time.

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