Sennheiser lapel mic, & camera

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      i’ve got a lapel microphone from a Sennheiser radio mic set (ew300 i think it was) and was thinking about using it as a wired mic, and/or possibly pairing it with an old iriver for a portable recording type setup. the mic has a 3.5mm trs jack on it
      I’m trying to track down how the mic is wired, and wether its supposed to run on phantom power or what, it works OK on one channel of audio, although it seems to clip fairly easily. i thought maybe that had something to do with it dragging power from PlugInPower, but not getting enough power.

      My camera is a panna GS300 for the record


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      yea, i’m pretty sure its a condenser (proberbly electret) too

      I’ve seen the lavs at Dick Smiths (and tany, which is our radio shack, which is owned by dick smiths here, so it might as well be a dick smiths), but i’ve always been a bit sus on the quality of a $30 mic.

      i’ll have to take a look at the senny website

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      The Radioshack chain in Canada turned into The Circuit City, did not change too much otherwise though. They have some useful stuff there.

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      We do have best buy here in winnipeg.

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