Sennheiser K6 / ME66 AUDIO PROBLEMS !!!

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      Hi, I have a Sony HDR FX1 video camera and a Sennheiser K6 / ME66 wireless Mic kit. I am still very new to video and am having audio problems.

      The Mic is picking up too much sound! It’s picking up the sound of me breathing (if i breath deeply) the sound of my hands on the camera, and various other background noises, I have also noticed humming and other sounds in my audio tracks when playing back in Premerie Pro 1.5.

      Both myself, the subject I am shooting and the Mic are in close proximity to each other, although the Mic is pointing away from me.

      One outdoor shoot i done picked up an aeroplane flying overhead, should it do that? Also an indoor shoot with doors and windows closed was picking up outside noises like kids playing and cars going past!!!

      I was wondering if I need to get another, more directional Mic? or do i need to change the way I am recording my audio?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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