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      Hi Everyone.

      I have a question. I recently purchased aSennheiser EW100 G3 wireless kit. I have been testing it lately but feel like I am doing something wrong or I have a wrong setting on the unit somewhere. I would like to use this to get a line feed from the DJ but on my tests my results are poor. I can get the music nice and clear but the moment the MC begins to talk he sound totally distorted. Any Ideas why this might happen. I am using a Panasonic HPX170. Let me know if you need more info, I will be happy to provide.

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      Distortion that you describe generally happens at the input stage. Either the DJ mic is distorted as it passes throught the mic prein his board or at the input stage of your camera. You can’t do much about his board signal(If it’s crappy getting to you, nothing you can do will clean that up.)

      Check the sensitivity setting on the transmitter and adjust until distortion is eliminated. OR You can “pad down” the signal before it gets to you (shure makes an in-line pad) and put this between his board and your X-mitter.

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      Thank you. I am going to try the in-line pad. I find it so odd that the music is clear as day but his mic is horrible. I zero’d out all my settings at my last test and the result was equal. Lets see if the in line pad will work.

      Thanks again, have a great holiday

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      DJs will often have separate settings for vocal/announcer and music levels. Even though some DJ rigs will auto respond with ramping up/down as the DJ begins his/her jibber-jabber, the DJ will nearly always kick up their vocals above the music, thus the probability that your levels were fine during the music but hitting the ceiling, an especially bad situation with digital audio, causing serious clipping or distortion. The attenuator or “in-line pad” as it has been called will likely help prevent that from happening, however you will probably need to boost or normalize your music levels back up in post.

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