Senior Video: Camera Suggestions?

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      I’m going to do the senior video for my school this coming year, and I plan on investing in a camera. I’m fairly new to a lot of the technical camera terms, but I’m confident in my ability to handle a higher-end camera. I’m looking for something that will give me good control with all different types of scenes (sports, hallway shots, etc.) while also giving me the ability to have some creative liberties with how I shoot things. So far I’m looking at the VX2100 or the HDR-FX7, as they seem to be the most logical to get. I don’t specifically need HD, as the video won’t be published in that format, but the FX7 still seems like a good choice. Also, I’d be working with an iMac with Final Cut Pro, though the computer itself probably isn’t top of the line Mac.

      Any suggestions as to which one (or others) would be the best to invest in?

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      I’d go with the VX2100. The FX7 has CMOS sensors, which has crappy artifacting, such as the jello effect and skewing. And like you said, the final output will be SD anyway.

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      I think you’ll be happier with the FX7 in the long run….

      The CMOS won’t be that much of a problem in most cases….There may be some artifacting in low light situations where there are strobe lights….

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      Correece! Do I have to start trashing talking HDV again?!?!? haha jk

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