Sending video reports from the field (for editing and web publishing)

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      First of all, sorry if my english inst great…but i beleive is not so bad either and i will try to explain my problem as best as i can.

      Ok, this is something i feel is becoming really important for websites all over the world investing on video news reporting and i (strangelly enough)cant find any good info about it. So, if someone could help me out i would really be thankfull.

      About a year and a half i started a project of video news reporting for a newspaper website. My professional background was in video for TV (i worked as producer and director on a tv news department) and i started only then learning about this wonderfull world of web video.

      Usually we make video reportsand then bring them in house (on SD Cards)for editing and publishing but lately ive been thinking on having the camera operators send me a few clips directly from the reporting site to our offices for almost imeddiate publishing. But whats the best way to do it?

      I want to be able to receive at least decent quality clips so i could do further editing in house so i cant ask them to send me 320X240 clips. And good quality files are heavy to send over internet and take a large amount of time.

      So, does anyone had the same kind of problems? What solutions are available? Whats the best software for conversion (quality/speed)? All ideas on this subjects are important for me and i believe for many other fellow videomakers in your foruns. Thanks for your help.

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      Over hundreds (if not thousands) of online storage solutions are available, though you’ll always be limited to the download speed of your ISP along with the transfer speed of the website storage solution servers. Here’s a list of freeonline storage sites (some free) returned from a quick Google search.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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