send dvr-ms files back to sony fx1000. Good format converter

Anonymous (not verified)


I am new here and have a few questions.

1. What is the best video converter to buy - particularly for DVR-MS to AVI? I have downloaded several trials and have trouble really evaluating clearly what they are like. Avs is one in question. I do not mind paying $30 or so for a program (it is really hard to even find how much AVS charge for it!) but I want to make sure there is not going to be some limitation down the track.

2. I imported several HDV/DV tapes (which are now deleted) from my Sony FX1000 straight to my computer as DVR-MS files, before I got a trial version of Premiere, which imports it straight to AVI. As I need AVI to edit in, is it possible to send my DVR-MS file back from my computer to the FX1000 via the ilink cable so I can import it straight back into Premiere as an AVI file? It seems to say in the manual that this can be done but I cannot get it to work.

3. In my full trial version (1.3 gb) of Premiere, in the timeline section at the bottom, I seem to have lost the headings at the side where it says 'video 1', 'video 2' etc. And I cannot drag the clip from the source screen into the timeline like I could before. One of the problems I find with Premiere is that I keep losing my settings, yet when I go to 'windows' menu, the 'timeline' is checked as on.

4. Is there an easy way to uninstall DVRMSToolbox without a degree in computer software writing?

thanks for your time, most appreciated,