Semi-beginner intimidated by all the jargon!

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      Hey pros! I need some advice:

      I’m a Film major. And I’ve learned alot since I’ve started along this path, undoubtedly. But if you guys haven’t noticed…there’s ALOT of jargon out there! And I want to understand it all, I read videomaker and circle all the things that I don’t understand and then wiki them. But often times it produces results riddled with even more jargon. How can I effectively decipher and decode all of this techtalk and truly become fluent in the language of filmmaking?

      Thanks for your time!

      -Mark B.

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    i am a new beginner as well, trying to figure this stuff out. I am a model who is doing her own edits for the first time and I haven’t completed a 5 minute clip yet. It’s only been 2 days worth of trying but I think if I watched and shadowed it would be so much easier to know what I am doing

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    I just read both of your posts and you just need to work with whatever you are using…ie Final Cut Pro like I use, is user friendly after you fumble around with it.I work for a news channel here in Toronto,Canada and everything is a learning curve, and I have experience in the whole production process! I also use You tube for tutorials on anything from key framing to regular editing.Take a look at this site as well as it is very informative and has helped me a great deal, probably one of the best on the internet…. Don’t let the jargon intimidate you …it will come to you as you learn more and more.

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    Thanks alot for that site Ruch! It’s brilliant!

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    I agree that it’s a learning process by itself. And it differs from country to country, from town to town and from business to business. The only way to learn it is to start using it. It’s hard at the beginning. But the jargon vocabulary is not that big.

    Don’t be shy to ask for clarification if you don’t understand something. It’s much worse to pretend that you understand what’s going on while you don’t.

    FAQ Video

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    For a great textbook on audio, check out Audio in Media on Amazon. For video technique: practice, practice, practice! Shoot anything you can: events, musicians, drama, corporate. The more the better.


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    A lot of practice goes a long way. It gets easier with time.

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    I just love the manual I have for my HVX200…..all in geek-speak. Elicatrating the gismore to trianflicate inner fiptle clip…. Then push record button………knowwhatimean????In other words, you’d better gone to school on all of it before buying. I am now taking a class with Apple using the final cut pro. Finally getting out the gate!!

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    Hang in there Mark! With any job, you will have some lingo to learn. Don’t get discouraged but continue to ask questions, read VideoMaker, read blogs, get books, watch Youtube how to videos. You should be learning some lingo in school and it may take some time to learn. If you don’t go through these growing pains now, you won’t have the knowledge you need to become a pro. Hope all goes well and keep learning (that’s the key…with as many resources out there, you should be able to learn at a faster rate).


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    Funny – I’ve been doing photography for almost 50 years, video for 25 and serious video production for about five and I’m still looking up terms every now and then (and learning new ones almost daily).

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