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      I was wondering wherther anyone has experience selling their video productions (DVDs) on Amazon? We have just produced a 2 DVDs set on a “educational” subject “how to do…” and we have had good success selling on Ebay at Buy it Now feature.

      To sell on Amazon you have to have a UPC ($25.00 cost on line with vendor) for your product and pay Amazon a monthly fee $39.95 to list your custom made product. I would be very interested to hear other peoples’ experiences regarding



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      You can sell through Amazon as a traditional vendor or go through their Create Space setup. Look through their section on create space to get more details.

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      I once asked a similar question and I received the following reply which may also help you.

      “The internet has
      literally millions of distribution paths and platforms that
      allow full retail quality distribution of your content.
      For commercial retail distro you could simply sell your material on iTunes
      or Createspace
      (Amazon) and there are thousands more besides.
      You can also host your own material on your own website. Of course this
      requires a website retail cart or subscription portal, both subjects
      somewhat outside the scope of this group but there is nothing to stop you
      from hosting and selling on your own site and getting that site onto the
      radar of millions through web promotion. Bandwidth is cheap and setting up
      the site can be simple and cheap if you choose carefully.
      But YouTube can still play a role in publicizing by functioning as a large
      fishing net with which to get attention. YouTube does make it possible to
      direct a viewer to an outside site by clicking either a link in the clip or
      on the channel description page.
      Thus you can place a promo video with clickable links (like iTunes) directly
      on YouTube and catch viewer interest either directly in your content or by
      routing them to your website or distributor portal.

      I hope it helps!


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      Createspace doesn’t charge you $39.99 per month, does it? jgaertner, was that just for them to sell your product or was that specificially through Createspace?

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      Here’s the ‘skinny’ on Create Space’s video distribution. Just like their Book setup, the more you let them do for you, the more it costs to get setup.

      CreateSpace Video Distribution

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      Thanks for this information. I was not aware of the CreateSpace on Amazon, but it does not seem to be a “great” deal for the Video Owner, like me. I may have missed it, but nowhere do I see that the DVDs are encrypted so people cannot just whack copies of your work and sell them for nothing?

      Right now we are using a local duplication company who is able to do good encryption but, of course it adds to our over all cost.Since our DVDs are not “movies” people would watch for intertainment we do not go to the trouble of expensive packaging. Just plain envelopes with full color labels. No one is going to place our educational material DVDs on their bookcase for all their friends to ohh and ahh over.

      My understanding from reading is that you have to have a UPC to sell your self produced DVDs. No big problem. Lots of firms sell UPSs on line. We ahve been warned to get a gaurantee that they are approved UPS before you buy them, though. Next, if you made your DVD and are not just distributing a hollywood film, you must create a “New Product” page with the UPS and your standard Amazon white background pictures. Only “Professional” Pro Merchant Subscribers can do this. Not the Individual, Sell my stuff subscribers. This is what cost you $39.99 per month.

      Ah, but wait! There is more… Amazon gets 15%”Referral Fee”of your sales and $0.80 “Variable Closing Fee” per DVD sold! So you are looking at about the exact cost for selling through that is costs us to sell on EBay. But we were hoping for a larger audience on .


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      Have you looked into Amazon Advantage? We sell our DVDs through Amazon that way. You do need a UPC code – we buy ours through UPCExpress for $29/each. There is an annual fee, we pay $25 and they take 55% plus you pay to ship your DVDs to them when they order. We usually ship media mail to keep that cost down.

      When they order more than one, that makes it better.

      This may be a more economical option for you to get Amazon exposure. We’ve been wanting to look into the other CreateSpace option but maybe Amazon Advantage is better for us actually.

      We also sell on eBay but the bulk of how we sell is through our own webstores. It still takes marketing effort and our biggest success there comes in the form of capturing email addresses and email marketing.

      Tom gives you similar advice to how we operate. We’ve seen our business grow over 80% through our marketing efforts and Amazon and eBay were a part of that but we found more success with our own sites. For one of them, I’d say half our traffic comes from our YouTube videos.

      What are your DVDs about?

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