Selling Videos online – what format?

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      I am curious what format for selling video online for people to buy and download videos.

      MP4? Mov? Avi? Should I offer several format? Or just one.

      Is there good setting for compressing and keep high quality of videos? I am using FCP.

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      Daniel HartDaniel Hart

      MOV is my all time favorite format… It works flawlessly with Macs, and for a PC all you need is quicktime player, (which is free.) However, I would offer multiple formats, because some people might not want to have to download quicktime. So, I would offer MOV for mac users and WMV for PC users.

      ‘Course that’s just my opinion…

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      Providing programming for smart phone, iPhone, iPad and other mobile device usage is a deal breaker in today’s video consumer environment … ESPECIALLY commercially. And, as Daniel says, .mov & .wmv should cover it, unless you want to consider people who are addicted to the less-than-flawless abilities of FLASH, or something in the HTML5 category. Keep MP4 H.264 in mind as well. So yeah, multiple options will DRAW and KEEP your consumers/clients returning.

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