Selling Software: Avid Xpress Pro HD v 5.0 (Windows): $300.0

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      Selling Software: Avid Xpress Pro HD v 5.0 (Windows Platform):

      Im trying to sell my Avid software with the original dongle key. I tried reaching out to Avid users on Craiglist and other classifieds but the people there are not professional Avid users and I am having trouble finding people who are interested in this software.

      Basically, I am not an Avid Editor and thought I could switch to it from a novice software such as Adobe Premiere. I bought the software over a year ago and barely used it.I find Avid very hard to learn and am going back to an upgrade of Premiere instead.

      I am willing to unload my software for a steep deal and am hoping to find an Avid lover interested in this product.

      If anyone is interested in purchasing it, please contact me. I can ship it (within US preferred).



      Avid Xpress Pro HD v 5.0 (Windows Platform): Asking $300.00
      (Original software purchased 2006 at: 1,695.00)

      This professional Film Editing Software includes original CD-R installation discs and manual with Dongle Key.

      You need to pay Avid $100 directly if you wish to Transfer the software under your name for future support with Avid. If you do not need the support, the software will still work with the licensed Dongle Key.

      email or call: 646 339 9434

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