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      I’m trying to find a way to stream my footage online on a Pay per View basis. The PPV is basically footage I have shot and have rights to etc.. and I am wanting to try and sell them on the internet (for around 3.99). I’ve searched google and can’t find anything that doesn’t want paying large ammounts of money up front like 99 upwords. I personally can’t afford that and I have no idea if the video will be popular enough to cover the cost, so instead I’m looking for something that lets you upload the video and lets people pay to watch it but instead the site takes a percentage cut rather then alot of money up front.

      Thanks for any replies.

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      Good luck with the pay per view business model it never works..try having people pay per download

      You can also try the poor man’s approach to digital sales:

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      Surely, the downloads would be less popular, because it would depend on the download speed of the consumer on how long it took to download and if the file is 1gb large it could put some people off.

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      Nope. People pay for something they want to keep it around for awhile, not see it once, oops money’s gone and gotta pay again if I want to see it again. Downloads is the way to sell video, if the production is worth buying and viewing.

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      Grinner Hester

      I’ve had far better luck offering them for nada and charging for banner space where I embed them. It’s hard enough to get folks to buy a clip they have heard of. It’s much harder to get em to break out the credit card for one they havn’t heard of. Views rule. Show those views and you can start selling stuff all over the site.

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      You could hand code it so you or others upload video to your site and the thumbnail and description is displayed. Then Pay-per-viewers could click on it and pay with Paypal. Once the transaction is completed, Paypay returns the buyer to the video page for viewing with instructions on how to save the video to their computer.

      You wouldn’t even need a database. Paypal will keep track of transactions.

      This could be coded for free with a significant learning curve. However, you can get free help at the and where I learned 4 website languages.

      Once you start to understand the languages, it’s really not that hard.

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      Well you can use which will let you sell the stream directly off their site and instantly deposit funds to your Amazon account when a buy is made.

      There’s some kind of promotion for 0% commissions. You just need an Amazon business account which you can get for free.

      or you can use which will place ads in your video and split ad revenue with you.

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      You should try selling your premium videos and make money. Check out this service as they have an amazing Pay-Per-View system with no commission on sales.

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