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I am going to work on a educational video series, and going to put on them on DVD and sell them. What is the best way to burn and package them? I am looking to start with an order of about 100 to start with, and then if they sell well will order more. I want them to have a picture label on them, and nice case as well. Is there a way to make the DVD not able to copy as well?

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you can always burn any dvd no matter what.. no way to stop it, its killed my business.

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 321, as igotthat stated what one person can design somebody else can figure a way to break into. A while back I remember some discussions on these forums  about using copy protection and the effectiveness versus the additonal cost. In that discussion someone suggested using the FBI logo (work copyright protected FBI will come and get you for copying etc.) as an intimidation. There was also some discussion about pricing strategies that would encourage customers to purchase multiple copies up front, usually for wedding videos or school recitals. You might try to find these strings and see how the suggestions given would fit your particular situation. Maybe some present readers would share some of their solutions to this concern. In my situation, mostly wedding videos and other videos for individuals, I furnish an agreed upon number of discs on completion, figured into the price. I know this doesn't address your situation. When I produce these discs, small numbers, I use my computer with internal DVD burner or external Blu-ray burner. I have an Epson artisan printer that can print on hub-printable discs to give a professional look to the final products. It would be difficult for someone to copy the disc and reproduce the disc label, but not impossible. It is tough to set up a business model in this field when everyone can use digital equipment and computers to produce similar products to what we do. A lot of people on these forums have found ways to make a living and are happy to share their experiences with other, thanks videomakers.

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I have had my DVD's available on-demand from Lulu. Was not exactly a success story, finally Lulu stopped that part of their services. I may suggest people stopped buying DVD's. On the other hand one of myacquaintancesproduced an educational video and was selling it directly to schools and school boards via cold calls.