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      I’m with the stock footage company Footage Firm, and we recently released a new website that allows video editors to download completely free stock footage. The concept has been well received by the beta testers who’ve used the site thus far, but I was hoping to get your advice on what you like/don’t like (design, usability, selection, etc) before we start a massive advertising campaign.

      The website is

      Please post any comments on what you like or don’t like in this forum so we can get a community conversation started and changes made to the site before it launches. (I assume most of you will be using it anyway, so tell me what you’d like to see!)


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      I think a social and networking aspect would be good whereby videographers could share video clips with each other.

      Lets say you are a videographer in New York and you need a video of a riverboat or farm scene. I’m a videographer in Mississippi, I may have or can get such a clip easily. We would need a place to share and store videos for trade. Perhaps also a way to negotiate the trade for our efforts. Also,

      Perhaps a bulletin board or place to post wanted and needed footage, and a response section?

      Just a thought…


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      Also perhaps a pay-it-forward aspect, whereby there would be a place to upload clips and for each one we upload we gain points to download more. Or some method to reward those who upload footage so more people will use the service and not just come and get but never add to the system.


      I think you have a great thing here Joel!

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      Hi Joel (and hey Jay)

      I have downloaded many of your clips and have purchased all of the specials you guys have graciously run (free DVD’s – only pay shipping). And for those I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

      I have always wanted to see a clip sharing warehouse for video enthusiasts and professionals alike. I only foresee a few problems such as bandwidth (all those clips being sent in and downloaded) and the very large elephant in the room – How do you verify two things: 1) That the person uploading the clip has the rights to do so and 2) They have all necessary releases (model, location & product)?

      As I said, I would love to see this happen and would participate frequently (up and down).


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      I really appreciate the input Bryce and Jay! I think is a step in the right direction towards a community driven site where footage trading can exist, and I LOVE the pay it forward concept.

      We have been working on this concept for a while, and I hope to be able to move forward with it soon.

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      Hey Birdcat!!!!

      Yes that is an issue. I thought of this. When you join the system you are assigned a number, all footage you upload must contain that number in the footage perhaps at the beginning or the end. Or spoken. This may verify you shot the footage. If you shot it prior to joining or cannot include it then you may have to sign some electronic agreement signifying you did shoot the footage and exempt FF from any liability. Probably need to do that anyway.

      FF would be just the conduit to move footage, you as the videographer are responsibility for it. If you sign something saying you shot it and you didn’t, then the responsibility falls on you for the infringement.

      Frankly I think this would be rare but some folks may try to pass off footage they don’t own. You could also have something they have to submit to verify that any public domain footage is indeed in the public domain.

      Now we live in an electronic world and things like this site once thought only as fantasy can easily be created. Joel is a pioneer here, and the copyright courts will need to adjust to the new and changing ways artistic materials can be shared and sold.

      If I rent a truck and go steal a famous painting I am responsible for the theft, not the truck. As the receptacle for video art Joel is providing us with a service, WE are responsible for using it correctly.

      I see this growing into a major virtual warehouse for stock footage. But we will probably have to help police it ourselves.


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      Another note; Perhaps a “level” system can be instituted whereby a member can join but only upload basic material. In time his level increases and he can upload more professional materials. This way some kid can’t join and upload footage of a major car chase, something he probably doesn’t have the capability to shoot anyway and makes him suspect he didn’t shoot it at all. He would have to earn the right to upload better material or in some way prove he is legit.

      Major companies or producers known to have such equipment and capabilities would not need to advance through the level system.

      Just a thought…


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      Hey Everybody! I think Jay’s ideas are good and the site is good too!

      There isn’t a clouds and sky section of footage, which is my favorite part of most websites like this. There were a lot of good sunsets/sunrises though. Maybe I’ll have to shoot some cloud footage myself, but where would I put it?

      This is on my mind only because I needed some really good blue-sky/cloud footage yesterday for an airplane documentary and couldn’t find any, so I shot it myself.

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      Joel I put an article about this on my blog. I’m getting about 50 to 75 hits a day so maybe it will help.

      Chris, sounds like you now have a place to put the cloud footage, I look forward to seeing it! 🙂


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