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      I would like to use the TriCaster to shoot a proposed talk show using a virtual set, something like Ultra 2
      Has anyone had experience using the TriCaster and does it output to broadcast level? Would like info and suggestions from anyone who has used this live switcher device.

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      For using virtual sets, you’ll need the Tricaster Studio, the largest of the three Tricasters that NewTek makes. At right aroung $10,000, It’s the only one that is bult for virtual sets & Chromakeying.

      I haven’t used the Studio Unit, but I have used the other two (the original Tricaster and the Tricaster Pro) and I really enjoyed both of them. The very first time I used one, I had a bad experience (Blue Screen of Death-They run on Windows XP) but it turned out to be the fault of the people who had used it before, clotting up the free space on the internal drives.

      All in all, I like the stuff NewTek makes. I would probably buy one if I had the surplus budget lying around.

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