Seeking critique

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Would love to get your input on our entry for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. You can see it at Feel free to post comments there! Thanks!

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While I loved that and it was dang funny/great, I don't think its an audience winner. Maybe if it was like a couple buddies watching a game and got to the bottom of a bag. Thenshook the Doritos fairy out of the bag with crumbs. First having thelook of dispair from no more chips, then supriseof getting the "Power" and zap the family cat on the back of the couch. Then a vioce from the kitchen of the wife "you guys need anything" and a response "nope we're good"guys eating chips and when you close with the logo, a crunch and a meow.

Loved it but just think a different storyline would be better than zapping Mr. Winky and eating chips at the kamode. Great work though, well done.