Secure mount on moving vehicle

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      Lot’s of the clamps and suction cups these days seem very secure, but what about the wee 1/4″ or 3/8″ screw that mounts your camera ???

      Offroad there’s a ton of vibration, and with cameras weighing upwards of 3Kg (6.5 pounds), isn’t there a risk that the wee screw will bust spilling your camera worth thousands all over the place? I’ve not worked with anyone who does this, so surely there’s somethin better than a few cable ties ???

      Don’t be shy, just tell me if I’m the only one who doesn’t know this. JMcK

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      Check out “The LowRider” from Digital Juice – They have it in two sizes plus a decent mounting kit is available.

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      Stickypod. There’s also a good article on VM called ‘Using a Car Mount’ you should take a look at. They use the stickypod in the demo.

      Car Mounts B&H

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      wow !!! you guys don’t let the grass grow under your feet. I expected to wait days for some responses. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll post my conclusions when I’ve checked it all out


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      The weak link for anything onto which the camera mounts is that threaded screw. This is why, in addition to ANY type of moving vehicle mounting device I will use tape, wrap and/or bungie cords for extra security. Most of the time I use a bean-bag-style padded cushion and a host of the above-indicated materials for securing a camera to a vehicle.

      I have not, however, yet engaged in off-road projects, but in using assorted platform-and-bean-bag rigs I’ve gotten smooth highway shots, drives through scenic areas, bicycle club side-by-sides, etc. And the cameras used didn’t fall off the wagon πŸ˜‰

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      EarlC is right, use bungie cords if need be. I’ve strapped my Sony to a shotgun (using a rifle cam mount) and the added bungie cord keeps it from flopping all over and breaking off the mount. I use the same ideawith my makeshift jib. Or, when in doubt, duct tape.

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      Duct tape’s only primary drawback is the sticky residue it leaves behind. I would suggest, though it is certainly much more expensive, using cloth gaffer’s tape that is designed to NOT leave such residue – so long, of course, as it is not left over a period of days πŸ˜‰

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