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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Hello Videomaker community

      Check out this article I found called The Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos. The tactics mention in this post are a bit unethical and people comments are quite interesting. I think this tactics can actually be effective, but where does the sincerity and ethics values of video marketing ends? How much are you willing to do to get your videos “viral”? My personal opinion is that in order to succeed you need to be able to try new things, explore possibilities, but applying the strategies mentioned in the article is a fake, can mislead viewers and most importantly your are not sincere with your viewers. Although for a business getting it know all around is a must, so I have my pros and cons in this aspect. Video Marketing is a highly competitive market, so is getting known or be part of the millions of other trashy videos of the Tube. What do you think? I this really unethical or just another business strategy?

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      Luis, this is not an indictment against humankind but I gotta say that in this day and age the idea of “whatever it takes” applies to most people who are assessing their honesty and sense of ethics. Sadly, in marketing, content is not always king – regarding what’s on a viral video. Or for that matter, HOW it became viral. It is true that with the numbers of uploads on the several video sharing sites on the internet, it is impossible to think that anything I do (see below) is going to work “out of the box” – I WILL have to utilize strategies to get people “out there” to help make my video(s) viral enough to be effective in my marketing program.

      I’ve no qualms about stretching it a bit in certain instances: for example I’m going to develop a series of humorous “stories” narrated by a character actor – short and funny (I hope) short videos to feature on YouTube and Vimeo, etc. in an attempt to drive traffic to the more realistic concept of stories as applies to my Video StoryTellers!? concept. The promo clips will end with two statements and the VST web site: “REAL stories! REAL people!” and the URL.

      Is this misleading per se? No. It does, perhaps, imply that people HAVE to have a really GREAT, FUNNY or entertaining story in order for their storytelling experience to be any good, or appreciated. On the other hand it will drive people to the site (I hope) with a desire to see and hear other/any stories and perhaps decide to preserve and even share a few of their own.

      Your concept for a VST promo – is that misleading even if the billboard isn’t real? No. So in some cases videos can be more than they really are without stretching the boundaries of ethicality or honesty.

      But you are right in your assessment of the link regarding the tactics used and interesting comments. A good read to assess and evaluate our own approaches to what we do in our individual and collective businesses.

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      Marketing and promotion has always had less than honest organizations involved. I remember reading about how promoters for the first Beetles tour to the USA hired young girls to mingle in the crowd, carrying on and yelling and screaming to create a stir that the group was the hottest thing since Chinese mustard.

      Other companies, brands and firms operate solely on honesty and integrity, until honesty and integrity goes south on them – Zenith “the quality goes in before the name goes on” and most recently, Toyota, come to mind.

      Wasn’t P.T. Barnum who was quoted saying that (paraphrased) there’s one born every day, speaking of folks who can be taken in my shysters and cons.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I don’t think viral videos need strategies. One knows when they are about to upload a clip if it’s gonna go viral or not. If their is something extreme, contraversial, unbelieveable or increadible in it, it’ll get passed around. If not, well, it won’t. It’s not like blutooth thought a million and one folks would start aiming their phones at corn in attempt to pop it whent hey made their famous composite clip. They figured they’d hawk a few headsets out of it. They were right.

      I know when I upload a clip if it’s getting hundreds of views or hundreds of thousands. It’s a shock factor thang. Content is king. I hope that’s what we learned when reality shows started being scripted.

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      Earl, forgive the off-topic nature of this comment, but I am considered by many to be an expert on the Beatles (with an “a”). In 47 years, I’ve never heard that story. Not saying that it didn’t happen, but any “ringers” would have been out screamed by the real thing. I wasn’t a young girl, but I was there.

      Thanks for being a great moderator. I always learn a lot from the board.


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      Forgive the typo, didn’t double-check myself though I know better. Such sacrilege being as I always loved the guys. πŸ˜‰

      Though no expert, I am extremely well-read and over the years have devoured most anything to do with the Beatles. It occurred (ringers), more than once and was, has been and is a way of life more often than anyone would imagine.

      I was “there” also, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t say “many” consider me an expert on the group. I did recently have an argument with some folks who said the Beatles never recorded a German language version of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” though I could run off a few of the lyrics from that version. At one time had all their albums through the White Album, but alas time and life…

      Still hum a few, and even vocalize, several times a day πŸ™‚

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      You could have at least spelt the name of the band correctly! After all they have been famous now for 50 years. Sheesh!

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