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      Hi everyone.

      About a month ago, I did my first wedding. I used my new Sony VX2100 as my primary cam (which worked wonderfully), and my cruddy old JVC D72 as the secondary, stationary cam. I expected a difference in quality between the two, but I was disappointed to see how major the difference was when I went to edit.

      I have another wedding coming up shortly. I do not think I can afford another $2500 or so for another VX2100, so can anyone recommend a great secondary cam? This one will usually be stationary, but I want something with similar image quality (and relatively good sound quality, as far as onboard mics go) to the VX2100, for a smaller chunk of change.

      As always, your expert advice is greatly appreciated!

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      Using two identical cams is the only way.
      But if you can’t afford another VX2100 take a look at Sony’s VX2000 or TRV950, both older but very appreciated 3-CCD camcorders.

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