Second wedding with new equipment. ??????

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      I have a questions.
      I’m going to be shooting my second wedding with my new PD170 and have a question about my second camera. I can’t really afford a new one right now, but I do own a Sony DCR TRV315 Digital8 that I could use.
      What I’ve noticed is that with only the one camera, I’m missing the close ups of the kiss, the holding hands, and the other shots that help tell that this couple really like each other.
      I also need that shot from the balcony or over view shot from the rear, as I reposition for the exit.

      My question is, do you think I should use my PD170 for all the close ups or the TRV315? I also am not sure that I can sinc the two cameras to look the same in color balance. That has me bothered also.

      One last thing, I was planning on shooting this one in16x9 and my digital8 won’t do that. So my edit issues are going to be a bit problematic.
      Any thoughts about how I can get around that?
      I’ve seen some examples on Dave Perry site that might work, but I’m thinking that I may as well just do it all in 4×3.

      Your thoughts…. πŸ˜•


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      My first wedding was like that. I only had one good camera and a cheapo. I was able to adjust the color and such in post pretty well. I used the cheapo for the wide shot and it worked out ok. I suggest learning to use the color correction tools in your NLE. It can be a lifesaver even with 2 good cameras (for fixing bad white balance etc.)

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