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Searching cheap pro camera.

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    I’m looking to buy a camera, and I can’t decide from consumer and pro. The Canon hV30 looks good, but I’d prefer the sony Hvr-hd1000u. Does anyone know a place where I could buy a used pro cam? I’m opened to any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I bought the hd1000u last year. I ended up buying it brand new from B&H because I was watching pricing on Ebay and its seemed the used cameras were going for a price within a couple of hundred of buying new. It still seems to be the case.

    I had also looked at the canon hv20 and the hv30. You can get an hv20 for undr 500 on ebay these days.

    So far I am happy with the HD1000u. I know it is a single chip but it is a realativley large chip cmos. I am shooting mostley under well controlled lighting. this camera met my needs and stayed in my budget. Also the plus side is the appearance is profesional.

    In recent time the the HD1000u has been going for around 1100 to 1300 on ebay. New at B&H is 1579 plus they have a ecoupon/rbate deal if you click on the rebate link onthe B&H listing that expires 6/30. You would have to decide it that was worth anything to you.

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    It really depends on both your budget and what you intend to do with the footage. Your thread says you’re looking for a pro camera, but you’re talking about consumer grade rigs. If you are serious about a real prosumer or mid-level pro camera, watch the ‘Shootout’ video on the ‘Advanced Info’ thread. The discussion in the video will give you a good idea of where you are skill wise and the possibilities for camera work beyond the consumer level.

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    If you’re not ready to move up to a pro camera, here’s a way to ‘pro up’ a consumer cam like the HV30. You show up to a gig with this setup and people will take you seriously.

    New Zacuto Zuca for HV30 from Steve Weiss, Zacuto USA on Vimeo.

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    The zooka looks cool. Watched to video up to 2:51. Slooooow internet. 🙁 . Anyways do you know how much it worths? Thanks everyone for your feedback.

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    I think the Zooooooooooka is a distant relative of mine…

    Nice R & G setup. I agree that there’s probably a group of us out there faking it with these cams…Zoom wasn’t mentioned but using a cam with LANC may work. Interesting how they never mention thatthe Zoooooooooooka probably cost more than the cam…

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    I think I stopped my choice on the HV30. Used at B&H… hope it’s not too used. They say that they ship for free. Does that include Canada? Still can’t find the Zooka…



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    probably because it’s theZuca…by Zacuto

    I guessed right…more than the little upside down cam

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    Yeah, you’re right. All the Zacuto gear is pricey compared to Redrock Micro, but the ‘Z’ gear has setups for a multitude of rigs. I wouldn’t spend the cash for the HV30 setup because I would only be using it as a ‘crashcam’ or ‘speedcam’ anyway. However, as a semi-gearhead I like the potential of being able to put one of those on a ‘Zuca’ and turn a trainee loose with it. My recomendation to Shooter is the same, if you’re ready and have the budget quit foolin’ around with the ‘training cams’ and move up.

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    Yeah hv30price+zuca=hvr-hd1000u

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    But the hv30 is full hd, (not the 1000u) will I be able to edit full hd in final cut express?

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    >>But the hv30 is full hd, (not the 1000u) will I be able to edit full hd in final cut express?

    HV30 is HDV, which is 1440 x 1080. “Full HD” is 1920 x 1080. But HDVwill make excellent DVD’s and Internet.

    It depends on your application. If you want the full HD spec you will need a minimum of AVCHD with a 24/25 Mbps bitrate (and do not settle for 17 Mbps, which will degrade your quality). Canon HFS 10 is an excellent choice for AVCHD.

    P2 and SxS rigs are higher quality still, but they are $$$.

    You should be able to edit any of those in FCP.

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    But HF S10 is consumer gear.

    Panasonic AG-HPX150 is an excellent AVCHD rig. It is the little brother to the HPX-170, which is P2.

    If you really want to go pro, I would recommend P2 of SxS, but I do not know your budget.

    In any event I recommend Cineform NeoScene, which converts AVCHD to Hollywood quality .avi files.

    I sure hope that helps.


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    Yes thanks, just hd will be ok.

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    According to the Canon website the HV30 is 1920 x 1080 full HD.

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    that’s what I tought…

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    >>If you are serious about a real prosumer or mid-level pro camera, watch the ‘Shootout’ video on the ‘Advanced Info’ thread.<<

    Hello, could someone point me in the direction of this particular video, mentioned by “Composite 1 ” earlier in this discussion?


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    To see the ‘Shootout’ video on VM, go to; Forums – General Questions – Advanced Info page 4. There you can read the discussions or you can go straight to; and watch the video there. Enjoy.

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