SDR-S50 – copying 16:9 files to PC and playing them back

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      Hi All,

      I just joined, to ask a question that I can’t seem to find the answer to…

      I have a Panasonic SDR-S50 and have happily been recording files for a month or so now in 16:9 mode. all are fine and playback fine on the camcorder and my TV.


      I just popped the SD card out and plugged it into my PC card reader and all the files (MOD MPEG files) play back squashed to 4:3 aspect on my PC.

      Does anyone know why the files are being seen as 4:3 and not 16:9.

      I know how to fix this sort of thing n a TV or monitor, but when you are dealing with a file, I thought it would hold some sort of info to say “I’m a 16:9 file” – It’s gonna be a complete pain if the only way to view the footage that I shoot on a PC is to convert the files somehow, and even if this IS the only way, WHAT do I use?!?!?!

      ANY help would be gratefully received.



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      A lot of cameras that use the .MOD format don’t set the MPEG wide-screen flag correctly. (Ours presumably sets it in a .MOI file that nothing knows how to use)

      Sometimes the software included with the camera can be used to copy the files off and set the wide-screen flag when doing so. Otherwise there’s a program someone wrote called sdcopy that does the same thing. Google it or here’s a link:

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