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      Hey guys and gals… I’m using Vegas Pro 9c and I have to use both sd and hd footage in a project.

      My problem is that if i set up Vegas for HD, all my SD footage is letter boxed and vice versa. How do i fix that?

      Any help would be appreciated!!!!

      Also, this will be used for Broadcast so I need to keep the video quality up…

      TY in advence!!

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      Is the SD footage in 16×9 or 4×3? If it is 4×3, there really is no way around letterboxing without skewing the picture. If it is 16×9 make sure you have it set to the correct aspect in the project for that.

      Another thing you could do is pre-render the SD footage alone (if it is 16×9) into an HD format, and make sure the aspect is set correctly. Then when everything is edited together, it should all be the same shape and size, This will not upgrade the SD video quality, but may help solve your issue.

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      Thanks DH!! Ill try it out!!

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