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Hi guys,

I am about to upgrade my Camcorder as my current one got a bit of water damage to it and well to put a long story short is knackered

reason why i am posting here is my current camcorder has a Firewire connection and i was able to capture the video from the MiniDV tapes

but since technology has advanced ( and left me in the stone age) i was wondering if there is anyway of capturing videos the same way only from a SDHC memory card using a USB wire

sorry if this has been posted before im only new to this sort of thing haha


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Yes. This is the workflow:

- Connect the camera to your computer so you have access to the memory card from your desktop.

- Copy the contents of the memory card into a folder on a hard drive. Copy the contents EXACTLY as they are on the memory card. (Ideally you want to copy the memory card to two hard drives so you have a backup).

- Open your editing program and access the footage from your hard drive.

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Most new cameras use USB connections But Rob is right, open the cards file and copy the project files, then open the folder in your computer and paste them there, when you are ready to edit just open the file with your NLE and send them to the timeline