SDHC Card Cracked

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      Hello everyone,

      i was wondering if there is a way, a company to recover data on my sdhc card, my knee hit the computer and cracked it, the plastic is cracked, but the parts inside look intact, anyone know how or if i can fix this, to get my video footage from?



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      I’m sure someone can but you’ll pay for it dearly. Can you piece it together enough to get the reader to read it one last time? Even if you have to buy another card, cut it apart with a utility knife, and then transplant the guts from the old card into the new body–is there a way to do that? Just a thought. If you can’t read it as it is, it’s worth experimenting on. (If you’re going to pay a data recovery service to see if they can recover it, then don’t toy with it at all, just get it to them asap IMO.)

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      my boy cracked one… i was able to put it together with a peice of scotch tape, and jam it into a thumbdrive/cardreader… it read but the card is permantly locked and can’t be written on… oh, it is good and stuck inside the thumbdrive and is not coming out…ine one peice that is…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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