SD or HDV?

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      I am trying to choose a camera and/or format. I am a film student of the 70’s then a plumber for 30 years. I have several video projects in mind, youtube, instructional DVD’S, documentary, maybe even a kung fu movie!
      So I think my question is "would a camera like an XL2 or similar SD camera be the smart move or do I want somthing in HDV ? Does HDV in 24 look more like film than SD in 24? Is HDV a pain to edit ? Can I produce an HD DVD?" And so on.

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      The answer to one question is Yes.
      You can produce a HD DVD.

      Camera-wise something progressive would be an easier way to get the film look that most people seek but you can do that with interlaced as well. The key to looking like film is not in 24fps but it’s a combo of lighting, depth of field and the right gamma to name a few things.
      Video that looks like video but played at 24fps is just going to be jerky looking video.

      HDV is not any harder to edit than SD.
      That may have been when HDV came out and no one had any good work-flows or editors that could deal with it but that’s no longer the case. Most if not all standard NLE’s can work with HDV. You will need more RAM and a faster CPU with HDV but nothing super crazy.
      HDV is not as system needy as uncompressed HD.

      The real question is do you need or want HD.
      You won’t need HDV for You Tube. Even SD on You Tube is reduced in quality for bandwidth reasons so you’ve never realize the true resolution of HDV or SD for that matter, over the internet.

      If you want to make HD movies then do it but as it is right now SD is still standard.

      I like and shoot HD because I can play HD but just about everyone I know could care less about it.
      I do believe HD is coming whether my small circle of friends know it or not…

      I would look for a camera that can give you manual control over every aspect of the camera.
      XLR inputs.
      3 chips.
      Interchangeable lenses would be nice.

      If HD is not a big deal then I would grab a XL-2 in a heartbeat.
      And I like Sony! 8)

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      Thanks for the help hidef1080, I’m not familiar with terms like progressive camera or interlaced. I think I will just grab an XL2 get started and see what happens. Thanks again!

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