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      So this summer I am thinking about doing an independent short film for fun, and if I feel its quality is good enough I may even send it out to some local film festivals. But the main problem that I have is getting a script. I use to be is tons of creative writing classes but, I dont feel I can write well enough to makea sctipt. Does anyone know where I can get scripts, or does anyone have a script I can use. I would prefer not to do a comedy, and nothing too far fetched. I Live in Milwaukee Wisconsin, so Urban and rural areas are both possiable shooting locations.

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      Writers are fairly easy to come by, but finding the right one is more difficult. You’ll want to find a writer and script that inspires you to make the short film. Finding inspiring scripts might be a challenge and require a lot of searching and reading. But, they say, you write best when you write what you know, so you may have a good time collaborating on a short script. Find a like minded person, perhaps a creative writing student or enthusiast and give it a go.

      Celtx is a free script writing software and a community that might be good for a beginner or co-writing opportunity. We reviewed the software, you can see it here.


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      I have a short script that you might be interested in. At least read it. It’s a little racy, but it would be provocative. E-mail me and I’ll send you a copy. It’s very simple, takes place in one room in real time with 3 characters. My e-mail is


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      Yes I am a Television and Video Production student at Milwaukee Area Tech. College(MATC). It is one of only a few college television programs that runs a PBS station, so all of my instructors, and the people around the building are industary professionals. Anyway, While I was in high school I was involved in the school paper, and in Creative writing workshops, but I want something fresh and new, if that makes any sence….

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