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      Hello, I have been writing a move script for a while and I am stuck. I don’t have any idea what should happen next. I need you guys to help me. Here is a pdf of the file so far. Please help me.

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      I took a quick read through it. I found it a bit confusing since you used “talent 1” and “talent 2.”

      Itseems your story tothispointisprogressing fairly fast. Do you plan to keep it as a short 1-2 minute film?

      Iwouldsay one wayto end itistogo withafunnybit-comedy kind ofidea.Thisis because youhaven’tgone into any character depth (you haven’t even named the characters :-P), and you’ve written completely plot to this point.

      Unless you plan to develop the part you’ve written more to develop character personas and stuff, I just don’t see this as much more of a bit comedy gag. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything here- just trying to give you an honest opinion.

      Hopethis helps… and as always myopinion is justan opinionso take it with a grain ofsaltandfeel freetoreject itoutright. πŸ™‚

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      K, I modified it a little.

      I plan on entering it in the canon contest for young video.

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