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      hi there

      if you need help to make your screenplay to work better,
      with current trends. marketability. technical advice
      on screenplay metric. narrative. crossing cultures.
      send me email:

      Roman Bruni is a script analyst with experience
      in 5 languages and 3 continents. he has worked in a screenplay finance
      institution for european cinema in London,
      developed series in Italy, currently living in south america
      – Rio de Janeiro Brazil, teaching digital film production in universities,
      while teaching screenplay for latins through the web at

      Your screenplay will be read and a script analisis report with 10 to 14
      pages will be sent back: character unity, narrative integrity,
      audience adjustment. script engeneering. and more, much more.

      ” … a good screenplay has a sense of proportions for dramatic duration;
      in those days is not enough to use the Hollywood formula
      it is essential to understand how a story may or may not cross
      cultural borders and have a comercial life …”

      Roman Bruni is also the author of the first screenplay manual
      in brazilian portughese that presents technical information
      that really enables writers to get screenplays complete.

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      I think if you need all this information then your script aint going anywhere anyway. How about I send you $10 and you can write the whole screenplay?

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      interior – day bride make up
      the bride comes near a table and starts her make up.
      behind her we see the wedding dress plus light effects to make it glow.
      ”i’m so sexy” is playing as background music, giving some rythm
      to the videoclip editing from a normal girl to a marvellous woman
      of the ”bride to be” becoming ”the bride”.

      exterior – day bride moving out
      the bride comes out of the door of her house, approaches the limousine
      then looks back to her daddy and mommy at the door.
      detais that she is crying. we pan to see her folks waving

      interior – day limousine
      the bride is inside the limousine, through the windows we see
      various parts of the city, including some postcards.
      as background the song ”pretty woman” is playing.

      exterior – day grooms entrance
      the church is beautifully shot against the blue sky.
      the groom comes is with his tuxedo, looks up and smiles.
      a few invited guests smile back at him.

      interior – day church blessing
      the priest gives his blessing to the groom

      aleluia, aleluia

      enters the bride. music from organ rises. everybody rises.
      detail of bride smiling at her father. detail of father smiling back.
      she enters through the long carpet to arrive near the priest.

      …please add more another token to receive the rest of the screenplay.
      observe the absence of conflict and the presence of an emotional
      charge: why is the bride crying ?

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      ok…how about $2.

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      sorry mac, this is a professional forum.

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      Don’t worry, $2 technically still makes you a professional. Oh wait. You were talking to mac. My bad.

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      What’s two dollars when the sync license for the music in the background will cost tens of thousands? Each.

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