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    Hey everyone thanks to all of you that have already given me advice it has really helped. So new question just wondering on vega is it possible to take a screen shot of a video.

    Thanks guys.

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    Yes – Position to the frame you want to grab, set your preview output to Best – Full, click the save icon.

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    Thank you.

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    if i could ask another silly question. when you have a choice of saving it to file or the other choice is saving it to the clip board, what is the clip board.

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    Matthew, I have used screen captures for printingon discs or for container covers. I save to file so that I can use the file in the cover/disc printing software. If you want to use the screen capture inside the video editing program, I’m guessing that you would save to clipboard. Hope this helps.

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    Save it to a file. It will then appear in your Project folder and be available for use either in your edited material or as a separate file for use in Photoshop or a similar program.

    The primary use for the Clipboard feature in Vegas is for split screen work such as color correction where you need to match the output from different sources.

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