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      I have a client that I shoot ending tags for and then I send them out
      to another company that produces the ads with my tags. They scale down
      the shots to fit in addresses and logos at the end of the spots. I shot
      the tag for the 1st time yesterday with my new HPX-170. I shot in 480
      60i. The footage looks amazing until they scale it down. When it scales
      down, it gets blurry and looks awful. Is there some setting in the
      camera that I need to change for this? I shot in Film mode, do I need
      to shoot in Video mode? Should I just shoot in 30p instead of 60i??
      There is no need to shoot in HD for these spots. I appreciate any ideas.

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      I seriously doubt the problem is on your end. It most likely has to do withpoor compression techniques on their end when they scale it down.

      Also,it may be best to shoot in 30P (progressive) if they are going to continue to emasculate your footage…some funky things can happen with interlaced DV when it’s not treated properly….but I still think that they are probably screwing something up upon rendering.

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