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      First and foremost, I am a huge fan of Videomaker. However, I don’t quite understand any real benefit to us regardingthe new partnership with SaysMe TV.

      The description said that we should make very affordable commercials for our clients (less then $500), or have the client use a template (taking away our income from the loss of production). All so that we can earn 2.5%? If I have a client spending $500 a month for airtime then we’d make $12.50. If I have ten clients doing that thenwe’d make a whopping $125. Losing income by charging less then $500 to produce high quality commercials, or losing even more by encouraging the client to purchase a template so thatwe can makeour 2.5% commission makes no sense to me.

      Instead it makes much more sense to produce the high quality commercial we produce for a very fair rate but above $500, and give them suggestions as to how they can get their commercial aired, “Time Warner,” “Spot runner,” “SaysMe TV.”This allows us to make more money upfront, which is validwhen producing a quality commercial.

      Why would I lower my production cost or encourage the client to buy a template so that I can make such a small commission? This dealwould cost memoney; it doesn’t make me any. It seems to me that this benefits Videomaker and SaysMe TV much more then it benefits any of us. Am I missing something?

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      I was hoping someone would comment on this. I was trying to understand theprogram but from what you said it does not sound very profitable.

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      It sounds to me from reading their material that the $500 is a suggestion, as opposed to a requirement. They probably assume that the less you charge for production, the more cash they’ll spend on ad slots. In reality, I think that mentality is off. genarally speaking, the less someone spends in the beginning indicates that they’re not going to put as much cash out over time.

      I’ve produced a few commercials in my day. Some cost our clients well under $500, and some cost them well over $5000. The one thing I’ve discovered just watching TV is that I see many more of my $5000 ads on TV than my $500 ads. The people who bought the cheap ads weren’t ready to really invest in TV advertising, and so they spend as little as possible on the ad, maybe run a handful of TV spots, and give up. On the flip side, the companies who spend a sizable amount on te production of an ad usually want to see it succeed. As such, they blast that ad on virtually every moment they can.

      It’s an interesting program, and I’m tempted to join if for nothing else just to add another professional association to my list, but it does seem like aside from actually putting the ads on the air, the video producer is doing all of the work, and the end royalty is pretty small. I think my YouTube Partner status earns me something better than 2.5% (not that Google would actually tell me, but still).

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      The SaysMe.TV program may not be for everyone. Our goal in introducing this program was simply to provide a money-making opportunity to our community, with low barriers to entry and as much flexibility as possible. The videographer is free to charge whatever production fee he deems appropriate. $500 is only a suggested price, based on the cost of “canned” ads online. Naturally, a $500 commercial is not going to have the same production quality as a $5,000 commercial. The quality and price of the commercial is something that must be negotiated with every client.
      The residual commission is relatively low in order to keep the price of the commercials low. Providing an opportunity for a client to buy TV spots, for as low as $6.00 each, makes TV advertising accessible to nearly any business. If the program had higher commission rates, the spots would need to be priced higher to accommodate the extra expense. However, this could make it more difficult for agents to sell the spots. There is always a trade off, when it comes to price vs. commission. We opted to keep the barriers to entry as low a possible and the flexibility as high as possible. If you want/need more profit, you are free to incorporate it into the up-front production fees.
      We realize that not all new opportunities will provide benefit to all people. SaysMe.TV is based on disruptive technology, which will shift profit opportunities towards the small business operator. The SaysMe.TV program is of great benefit for people that may not currently be in the TV commercial production business. Our hope is that that this sort of opportunity will allow agents to forge new business relationships, which they can then turn into long term clients.

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      Great explanation of the program. Thanks.

      I will say that the one thing that would improve it would be if there were some system in place to actively assist the local producers. For example, I went to the saysme site, and entered a zipcode that I’m just about positive would have at least one producer working it already. I went to their order page, and while they allow you to buy their pre-made PSA ads on their site, there’s no reference to local producers, not even so much as a “click here to be contacted by local producers”, at least insomuch as I could find anyway. I would imagine to draw more clients to our businesses, it would be incredibly significant if we could be found on the Saysme site someplace. From the sounds of it, at this time producers are doing all the heavy lifting as far as finding clients goes. Heck, if saysme sent me the clients, I’d gladly let them keep their 2.5% even.

      Additionally, $6 per spot is a pretty good price – a great price in some markets. Unfortunately, in my local area, I can get spots on popular channels for far less than that, so I would be putting myself at a disadvantage if I were to sell ads to my clients at that rate. That’s not to say that it’s not a god deal in some instances. For example, a primetime spot on a top 3 network is still a bucketload of cash, even here. In that case, it might be a benefit.

      I can definitely see how this could be an incredible program for a lot of producers out there. In my market, it looks like it might not be the best fit. Of course, I can’t say anything definite until I try it, which I’ll probably sign up for.


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      The more options, marketing tools and opportunities you have and implement to make money, generate funds, stay in business or pay the taxes and business license fees the better off you are. Go for it exclusively, and charge what the market will bear, or add it to your war chest – either way nobody is forcing anyone to do this, and there IS actually money to be made. Put it in business perspective.

      If your time and experience is worth so much more, like a television show you don’t like or approve of, turn it off – don’t watch, but let others have the right to go their on way with it. Opinions are OK so long as we don’t try to put a ding in someone elses rights.

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