saving raw footage – how to on a mac?

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      I have a new flash memory HD video camera and have filled the internal memory. I’ve been searching for a way to archive the footage so I can go back and edit later, and allow me to empty my camera memory to shoot even more. I’m a beginner here and have a new mac, I’ve read on the apple forum about going into disk utility and saving it as a disk “image”. The idea, I believe is to make the computer think the new image is the camera. So I did that, all 32 GB. Now when I go back in to Disk Utility I have folders of stuff I have no idea of. Clearly I am over my head. Can any of you much smarter folks give me some pointers? I do not believe that just dumping in iMovie or Final Cut is lossless.

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      Actually, if you bring your footage into iMovie or Final Cut properly, it IS lossless.

      So what you should do is capture your footage with settings that corrispond to the settings of the footage you shot (resolution, frame rate, codec etc). Final Cut will make .mov files that you can save on a hard drive or burn to a data disk.

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      Grinner Hester

      firewire drives are on the cheap, man. You can grab one per project and put it on the shelf.

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      ok, I’ll recheck the settings. I guess I was thinking more like still photos in how you don’t want to touch the original data, just a copy of it.

      And yes, I am loving how cheap drives are becoming. Thanks for the help!

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