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      I have a video already shot, that is approx. 15 hours, that i want to fit in a time frame of 30 minutes. I dont believe this is the same thing as time lapse, but it would have the same effect. I basically want to save what it looks like while I am fast forwarding. The video was shot on a Panasonic SD camcorder and is about a 40 GB file.

      Does anyone know how to do this? What software would I need? is it possible? Thanks alot for the advice.

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      I believe you can do this with any major NLE. But I know all versions of Vegas can easily achieve your results. As part of the media properties when a clip is on the timeline, I can adjust the playback rate & direction. Vegas Home Studio lets me run my video forward or backward at 4 times normal speed. So an hour of video plays back in 15 minutes. But if I render this video and import it back to the timeline, I can speed the footage up 4 times more, so the 15 minute video will run in under 4 minutes. So now we have the original hour of video appearing to be a 4 minute time lapse video. Render & import once more and speed it to twice the speed and the four minutes will take 2 minutes to play. So the hour passes in 2 minutes and 15 hours would fly by in the half hour you desire. By the way, the final ratio works out to around an acceleration of 32X. If you are curious about how it looks, I could post a video I sped up to 64X real time.

      But I will point out that in Vegas Home Studio you have to process the aduio & video seperately. And the audio plug-in I have will only let me double the speed (or halve the time.) But I have sped the audio up to match the video in just the same way and I think it looks and sounds great.

      Now there are likely to be other ways to achieve the same effect. But this method can be used with most full scale NLE’s.

      Good luck and have fun.

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