SATA 5400 vs 7200 for Video Editing

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      I am considering some HP Pailion d5000z and d5000t PCs on ubid for video editing using Premiere CS3 (maybe CS4). These models are relatively inexpensive, but haveSATA 5400 RPMHDDs. Any problem with these HP platforms and/or the 5400 RPM speed? Any advice appreciated.

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      I’ve been taught that ideally you want at least 7200RMP hard drives, but I’m sure someone out there will say, “I use 5400RPM and have no problem.”

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      “I use 5400rpms and have not had any problems.”

      Okay but seriously. When it comes to video editing, the faster the better. Your drives are writing a very large amount of data every second. you want the fastest drive you can get. unfortunately the 10,000 rpm drives are really expensive so most of us have to deal with the 7200.

      Honestly, I didn’t even know they made SATA 5400 rpm drives. That kind of defeats the purpose, as SATA is a faster bus. When it gets the point where it writes the data, it will bottleneck and slow back down.

      You might want to check those specs again. it might just be ATA or PATA.

      I honestly don’t think they make a 5400 SATA drive.

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