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      hey guys i am brand new to this and relatively new to the video making world. I am a 15 year old student who does a youtube show that is starting to get popular with two other 15 year olds so i am looking to upgrade from our family 5mp digital camera to a better camcorder(also for my studies as i am doing media and also for holidays). But as we are 15 we cant afford pro filming camcorders or anything like that but we are looking for something under 120 that has decent quality picture and sound. I know the budget is low to get a decent camcorder but we have spent money on a lot of other things like props, lighting, editing softwares & green screen etc. but we saved money for the most important part the camera. we shoot mostly in the day, we are mostly always shooting outdoors and our show about a little like jackass but we dont stunts, we do more experiments. The only ones i have been suggested are the,

      Sanyo VPC-CG20 OR CG10 and the Flip ultra HD 3rd generation

      If anyone has any other suggestions please post them. sorry if i don’t understand all the tech talk as i am only 15 and still learning πŸ™‚

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      The FLIP is an awesome camera for its size and price, but it has been discontinued by Cisco, and to my knowledge hasn’t been picked up by anyone else. If you could still get one, however, I’d go for it. Just know you might not have the support.

      I am not familiar with the Sanyo duo, but the name is accepted and recognized as a valid audio/visual manufacturer. I would suspect Sanyo is worth the risk, but it would be sweet if either of those models does have an input for an external mic, and also a headphone jack. Probably not, or not both, but still something worth verifying before you drop the hammer.

      Another Videomaker forums person has referred kindly to the Kodak version of this type camera and not too many months ago Videomaker magazine had a buyer’s guide that included these units. Check back issues for that, or maybe another forums user knows the link already.

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      Thanks for the reply, they are both are around the same price and i have read reviews on both and they both are 4.5/5 in quality but stats say the sanyo is better but as you say its not a very well known name but the reviews say its fantastic so i may look into it a bit more. The Kodak version is the Zi8 which is a little out of my budget and not so much better in stats but unfortunately none of these models have a external mic input. But i will try and find that magazine. It would be very helpful.

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      “That magazine” is THIS magazine … Videomaker magazine, and by searching around this forum you should be able to find the appropriate article, review or buyer’s guide regarding these units. But it looks like you might have to go with the Sanyo, especially if the Kodak Zi8 is fiscally out of reach. But then you’ll need some way of acquiring better quality audio under many recording circumstances, and that takes you back to square one with budget. A standalone digital recorder could help, like the Zoom H1 or similar, but then you’re going to have to spend money to get one, presumably πŸ˜‰

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