Samsumg LCD 2370 good for editing?

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      Hi. I’m planing to buy the Samsung LCD 23″ Monitor for video editing with Adobe Premiere (and also photo editing with Photoshop) for wedding and event and also some own documentaris and video productions, all in HDV.

      Are this or these kind of monitors good for the purpuse? I read that glossy is not the best for editing, but now all monitors seems to be glossy. This is big, 2ms with DVI interface, that’s why I choose it. I plan to use it with a GeForce GTX.

      I know this is not a pro monitor by international standards, but in my country real pro stuff is extremelly expensive, far from what an independent studio can afford.

      I will appreciate you comments.

      Thank you

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      it doesn’t matter what kind of computer monitor you use because you should be referencing your video with an EXTERNAL MONITORRRRR, which can be a broadcast monitor or a regular TV if what you’re working on is not being made for broadcast.

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      Are you created content for broadcast or broadband? If for broadcast, then Robert is right the only thing that should matter is what your external matter shows, if you are creating content for broadband distribution then again your monitor is probably irrelevant since it is nearly impossible to achieve color consistency accross such a wide range of computer screens.

      The reason glossy screens are looked down upon has to do with the inaccurate display of colors and the tendency to pick up glares from room lighting.

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      Thank you all. I do both: for Internet and for DVD distribution (no TV broadcast). Unfortunately, a video monitor is far out of my budget.. Also a HDTV, so I guess I will find a compromise.

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